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Often called "Switzerland" Brian is the one who would rather; not rock the cradle, be a friend to everyone the one who's got your back BUT never mistake him for being pushover because when the need is there - his small frame is able to unleash a power that can bench press a third of his weight.

The quintessential example of a man who may not strike fear BUT can definitely strike back!


  • On digital frequencies 101,100.8, and, we provide our listeners with top notch global and Home Grown music. YES101 promotes positivity that's self existent in every member of it's vast organization, a legion of plusses and can do attitude when it comes to our passion for unending excellence and superiority. Our listeners inspire us on a daily basis. It's the channel to watch for music trends, topical content, and a powerful force in the music culture of Sri Lanka. Inspire. Live. Love


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