Often called "Switzerland" Brian is the one who would rather; not rock the cradle, be a friend to everyone the one who's got your back BUT never mistake him for being pushover because when the need is there - his small frame is able to unleash a power that can bench press a third of his weight.

The quintessential example of a man who may not strike fear BUT can definitely strike back!

Eric Arty is perpetually up for a good conversation. Street-smart and book-smart, he might just be able to give your neurons that much required jolt. You’ve been warned!


Only if he could head to his favorite coast and indulge in some good ol’ angling. But time is of the essence and big Ramz isn’t the one to dally away. With endless emails and incessant work, it’s nothing short of insane when he still makes the time to create the flawless signature playlists we know him for.


Whether it be progressive rock, classic rock or jazz; with a gifted voice and an affinity for drums, this dedicated rocker loves reveling in good music. Not to mention, he’s also a hardcore gamer. Be it virtual life or reality, Kid Terry is one kid with a no nonsense attitude.


It has been a while since the Mondays of Quiet Riot, but this resident cool boy has still got it going. Hot with endless productions and 90’s mixtapes when combined with his unwavering love for rock and EDM, it’s nothing short of a party with Studio Shane.


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